Village of Paw Paw
111 E. Michigan Ave.
P.O. Box 179
Paw Paw, MI 49079-0179
Phone: (269) 657-3148
Fax: (269) 657-7544
Village of Paw Paw After Hours Phone Number


Property Taxes in Paw Paw

Where do My Property Taxes Go?
This document shows just where your tax dollars go - who gets them and how much of each dollar you pay they get. For this 4 page document, click here.

Comparing Paw Paw Property Taxes with Others
This 2 page document compares property tax rates and levies for all 11 Cities and Villages in Van Buren County. To see just how the Village of Paw Paw compares with others, click here.

Tax Rates and Levies for All Van Buren County
Various tax rates and levies for all 18 townships, all 11 cities and villages and Van Buren County is contained in this 4 page report. You'll be able to see the levy for libraries, colleges different schools, the County, hospitals, police, fire, roads and seniors by municipality. Legal size pages and smaller type don't detract from the valuable data in this report. To look at this report, click here.