Forms, Permits, Registrations, and Applications

The Village of Paw Paw in beautiful Southwest Michigan is an amazing place to raise a family, start a business, or build a home. A welcoming, business-friendly community, Paw Paw aims to make it easy for owners to found, expand, or relocate their business to the village. Whether you’re looking to secure a fence permit, require a zoning application, or want to file a business registration, this page contains all of the forms that you will need. If you have any questions about the forms, we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page.

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Community Building Forms

File Size
Plumbing Permit Application
112.7 KB
Mechanical Permit Application SAFEbuilt
155.2 KB
Electrical Permit Application SAFEbuilt
148.9 KB
Building Permit & Plans Examination Application
439.9 KB
Right Of Way Permit Application
140.5 KB

Community Zoning Forms

File Size
Special Land Use Application
145.5 KB
Zoning Permit Application
139.9 KB
Hen Chicken Application
226.9 KB
Honey Beekeeping Application
237.6 KB
Village of Paw Paw Zoning Map
636.4 KB
Zoning Board of Appeals Application
183.1 KB
Site Plan Review Application
159.7 KB
Sign Permit Application
166.0 KB
Sign Guidlines
4.7 MB
Fence Permit Application
175.2 KB
Rezoning Amendment Application
157.3 KB

Other Community Forms

File Size
Rummage Sale Permit Application
35.1 KB
Brush and Leaf Pick Up
221.7 KB
Donation Policy
120.0 KB
Automatic Bill Pay Withdraw
102.7 KB
Automatic Bill Pay Enrollment
68.5 KB
Land Division Application
122.2 KB
Utility Responsible Party Form
85.4 KB
Sewer Backup Claim
17.6 KB
Peddlers Solicitors Transient Merchants Application
73.2 KB
Park Facility Rental Form
166.2 KB
Ordinance Violation Complaint Form
77.8 KB
Land Combination Application
44.6 KB
Business Rental Property Registration
13.0 KB

For building, plumbing, and electrical permits, please contact:

107 S Capital Ave
PO Box 190
Athens, MI 49011