Commissions and Boards in the Village of Paw Paw

The Village of Paw Paw is guided by several boards, committees, and commissions, including the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Historical Commission, and the Park and Recreation Board. These groups, in total, work for the betterment of the village by administering to various tasks that help to ensure its beauty, safety, history, and comfort. Whether you’re interested in contacting a member of one of our boards or you’d like to learn how to join – or be elected to – one of them, you’ll find all of the information that you need on this page. If you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us by visiting our contact page.

Board and Commission Application

The seven-member Planning Commission is charged with reviewing site plans and facilitating the mater planning process. They also manage the village’s long-term development goals and review rezoning requests, special land use requests, and zoning text amendments. The Planning Commission holds meetings on the first Thursday of every month at Paw Paw Township Hall.

  • Kathy Larson, Chairperson
  • Nicolas Martinez
  • Jeff Brown
  • Dave Bogen
  • Mike Pioch
  • Tom Palenick
  • Emilly Hickmott

For the most recent Planning Commission Annual Report, Click here.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a seven-member, quasi-judicial board. The board serves to interpret the zoning ordinance, decide appeals of administrative decisions, and review variance requests. The ZBA meets as needed on the first Monday of every month at Paw Paw Township Hall.

  • Julie Pioch, Chairperson
  • Barbara Carpenter
  • Mary Lou Hartwell
  • Marcos Flores
  • Terry Davis
  • Alternate: Wayne Wilhelmi

The Historical Commission seeks to preserve local history and educate the public about the importance of Paw Paw’s history. The commission meets the fourth Thursday of every month at Carnegie Center.

  • Roman Plaszczak, Chairperson
  • Marty Maytnier
  • Bailey North
  • Tom Shoemaker
  • Daniel Ozanick

The Wine and Harvest Festival Board plans and facilitates the villages annual Wine and Harvest Festival. The festival requires a lot of planning, aiming to deliver a fun, engaging experience for both residents and tourists. Click the button below to learn more about the festival, including volunteer information, current board members, and event chairpersons.

Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival

The Wellhead Protection Committee serves to protect the village’s public water resources through education. The committee achieves its goals in conjunction with the Michigan Rural Water Association and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

  • Mary McIntosh
  • Tim Brandys
  • Bob Harvey
  • Don Stull
  • Kathy Larson
  • Jim Jackson
  • AJ Brucks
  • Heather VanderMolen

The Park Board is made up of village and township residents interested in maintaining and improving the village’s thirteen parks. The board meets on the first Monday of every month, from April through November, in the conference room at the Department of Public Services.

  • Tim Brandys, Chairperson

The MLPIC was formed to investigate options for managing the environmental changes in Maple Lake. An ad hoc committee of local residents and professionals, the committee makes recommendations to the local Village Council.

  • Roman Plaszczak
  • Joe Parman
  • Frank Walters
  • Jeff Brown
  • Erin Fuller

The Farmers’ Market Board plans and facilitates the summer farmers’ market, open Sundays, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., from July to October 2022.

  • Nicolas Martinez, Chairperson
  • Donne Rohr (term with council)
  • Alison Harrop (exp. 2025)
  • Susan Danielson (exp 2023)
  • Michael Pioch (exp. 2024)
  • Sue Danielson (exp. 2023)

The Construction Board of Appeals is a three-member board that meets on an as-needed basis to hear appeals about building code concerns. Members serve for a term of three years.

  • Glen Glidden (exp. 2023)
  • Leonard Yonkman (exp. 2023)
  • Thomas Drake (exp. 2023)
  • Kathy Larson (exp. 2023)
  • Mary McIntosh (exp. 2023)
  • Roman Plaszczak (exp. 2023)
  • Amanda Bartlett (exp. 2023)
  • Paul Deyoung(exp. 2023)