The Paw Paw Department of Utilities

The Paw Paw Department of Utilities is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and reporting on the village’s water supply, as well as its electric and sanitary sewers. Performing regular water reliability studies and sewer system improvement projects, the Department of Utilities is a key component of the village’s success and constantly contributes to improving the lives and lifestyles of its residents. Whether you’re looking for information on the implementation of energy efficiency programs or you’d like to read up on the status of the village’s drinking water, you’ll find all of the information that you need on this page.

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Water Quality Consumer Confidence Reports

The Village of Paw Paw is committed to providing residents with clean, safe drinking water. We perform regular water quality testing to ensure that there are no significant sources of contamination in our water supply. You can find both current and previous years’ water quality reports below.

2018 Water Quality Report For Paw Paw

Energy Smart Program

As an electrical energy distributor, Paw Paw participates with the Michigan Public Power Agency in providing energy-saving programs for their residential and business customers. The Energy Smart programs offered in Paw Paw include: Prescriptive and Custom Incentives for business customers and a variety of programs for residential customers.

Michigan Public Act 295 Information

In 2008, Michigan enacted the “Clean Renewable and Efficient Energy Act,” a new state energy law that requires all electric and natural gas utilities to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. To learn more about the Energy Smart residential programs, click here. Or, to read about the business programs, click here.

Electric System Study

The village recently completed a comprehensive review of its electrical system focusing on its assets, conditions, and recommendations for replacements and upgrades to improve reliable electric power to our customers. We are also increasing electric rates for the first time in fourteen years to ensure that we are able to support future system improvements, regular maintenance, and equitably distribute the system cost among customers. Information about the system study, as well as the new rates can be found below.

Implementation Plan

Paw Paw System Study 2017

Electric Rates